Geo Dream Far Infrared Heating

Geo Dream radiant heating system costs 30-50% less to operate than traditional heating methods, and is healthier for you and your family.

Easily installed under flooring, Geo Dream is completely ductless, completely zonable and completely maintenance free.

This infrared heating technology does not waste energy heating the air in a room, but directly heats the objects in the room – including you.

Geo Dream carbon heat film is a cost effective, high quality heating solution for any structure.

How it Works

Electrical current is passed through carbon strips to naturally create far infrared rays that distribute heat safely and evenly.

Geo Dream provides a healthier atmosphere by not circulating dust or air pollutants, and with no moving parts, Geo Dream is a permanent, maintenance free heating solution.

Installed under flooring and completely concealed, Geo Dream does not waste valuable wall space with unattractive heating equipment and eliminates exposure of hot or sharp surfaces that can be dangerous or unsightly.



Geo Dream heats the space the same way the sun heats the Earth - the objects in the room absorb the heat.  By not unnecessarily heating the air in the room, Geo Dream dramatically reduces wasted power.  It allows for the a lower thermostat setting than traditional heating methods while providing the same comfort level.  Ceiling height does not affect the heating performance, providing comfortable and efficient heat in even high or vaulted ceiling areas.


Geo Dream is controlled with any line load thermostat, allowing for complete zonability.  Installing multiple thermostats for different rooms, or different areas within the same room, places the heat only where and when it is needed.  During the day, a bedroom could remain at 50°F while a home office is kept at 72°F without closing vents or readjusting dampers.  In an office setting, each cubicle could have it's own thermostat, providing the perfect work environment for every individual.


Geo Dream is  a ductless heating system so it does not circulate dust or air pollutants and is completely silent.  The far infrared rays naturally and safely prevent bacteria growth as well as  eliminate mold and odors.  Geo Dream is completely concealed, providing even heat and removing unsafe or unsightly heating elements. Geo Dream uses an extremely low electrical amperage and is water resistant, making it the safest electrical heating system on the market.

Easy Installation

Installing Geo Dream is easier and less expensive than any other radiant heating system.  Measure the Geo Dreamroom, cut and layout Geo Dream, and connect the electrical wires - there are no expensive boilers or ductwork, cutting installation time over traditional heating systems by up to 90%.  


Geo Dream is extremely thin and durable.  Unlike other electric in floor heating products, Geo Dream's carbon fibers will not easily break during installation, and are sealed in their own moisture-protected barrier.  Geo Dream's solid-state technology has no moving parts to wear out - it is completely maintenance free.  Manufactured under ISO 9001 Certified processes, Geo Dream ensures consistent quality in every roll.